A dinner party

It is always fun to get together with friends for a pot luck dinner. Especially during the start of the busy holiday season. Last week, we met at the Bambadji’s for a Mexican fiesta dinner. It was another warm day in Southern California, not really feeling like Fall so much but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. We made sure the dinner party felt that the brink of the holidays are upon us. We had a lovely table setting decked out with fall centerpieces and Halloween place mats.


You can just see the peeking out of the spider webs underneath the plates.


For dinner, we had a Mexican fiesta themed pot-luck. Lots of fresh veggies went into the enchilada bake that the hostess made. I made re-fried black beans as a side dish with lots of garlic and green onions. We also had a chopped salad and Spanish rice. The best part was the super rich, yet extremely decadent chocolate cake for dessert. YUM!

Another great evening filled with many laughs, stories, and memories. Domenic and I laughed and laughed all night long, even on the way home in the car. It is always special to share a hot meal, wine (apple cider for me), and laughs with good friends. Can’t wait until the next party, I guess it’s my turn to host soon.




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