My Photography: Ryder is 2

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to photography an amazingly handsome boy! Here is a snap shot of that photography session with Mr. Ryder! He turns two today and I thought I would share all of the fun we had a few weeks ago while running around Huntington Beach Central Park chasing ducks, playing in dirt, & playing with trains. I hope that you enjoy. You can see more of my photography at {Kelly Lombardo Photography} by following the link there.

This first image is one of my favorites from the shoot. He was running and running through the leaves and crashed out on the grass. Luckily he didn’t seem to mind the fall so much and we kept on laughing and shooting.

I just love the look on his face! On the left he is so happy and excited! On the right it seems like he is up to no good! Obviously that was not the case, but with any 2 year old…you never know!

Yay! Happy birthday to Ryder, may you have a great day today and always. XO



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