Pumpkin Carving

Phew… Halloween just flew right on by didn’t it? I had a long but great weekend celebrating all of the festivities with our friends and all of their kids. The Caspardos went to two different pumpkin carving celebrations and I went to an additional Halloween themed birthday party for my pal Ryder.

On Saturday night we stopped by Katie and Jeff’s house for a pumpkin carving extravaganza. Katie made 3 different kinds of tasty chili for dinner with all the fixings complete with warm corn bread on the side. There were about 14 adults and 12-15 kids there throughout the night. The Caspardos were definitely overstimulated to say the least…


Of course we waited until it was dark to carve the pumpkins, you know with optimal light, crammed into a small area. All the kids were super anxious to begin the carving of their pumpkins. Each child had a different idea of what design they wanted. As you can see, the kids and parents dove right on in… After about 10 minutes, the adults took over and all the kids were eating candy and running around the house while their parents finished up their pumpkins.

On Tuesday night, we headed over to Kel and Ray’s house for our annual night before Halloween pumpkin carving. Kel made her amazingly delicious, award-winning, Italian Chili for dinner and I slaved away making Tastefully Simple Chocolate Brownies for dessert.


Here is Kel adding teeth into her fairytale pumpkin. She always gets the gross bumpy ones from the pumpkin patch and ends up making something creative and unique. Also, notice the floor of her kitchen lined with trash bags for easy clean up and less mess.


This is what our pumpkins turned out to be by the end of the night. Mine is on the left, looking a little bit like Jack Skellington and Dom’s is on the right looking a little too cute!

Always such a fun time of year to kick off the holiday season. We can’t wait until next year when we can share it with our little girly.




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