My Camera

I currently shoot with a Canon 5d. It’s not a fancy Mark ll or even a fancier Mark lll but it still gets the job done.

My favorite lenses are:

The Canon 50mm 1.8 which is always on my camera when I am not shooting a portrait session with a client. It is fun to use for a variety of situations, it has a great range, and it very versitile. The best part about this lens is that it works very well in low light situations because you can open up the aperture to 1.8 if need be which lets a lot of light in. Also, this lens is very affordable to pick up and start using with your DSLR camera at around $80-$105 you can’t beat that.

The Canon 85mm 2.8 is my favorite portrait lens. It is a prime lens with build in image stabilization. It produces beautiful images that are crisp clean. The focal length is great for shooting portraits, it is nice and tight with the subject and allows for a lot of blur in the background of the image. The lens glass is optimal quality which allows for stand out images.

The Tamaron 28-75 2.8 is my favorite all purpose lens. I use this lens a lot when shooting groups of people or during sessions with a lot of movement. This lens allows you to change your focal length (zoom) from 24mm to 75mm which is handy when you are traveling or at a party so that you can crop in a way that suits you.

Pretty soon I will upload some of my favorite examples using each one of these lenses.



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