Otis & Sylvester: Who sleeps like this?

It has been a while since I have posted anything in regards to the two silly guys we have running rampant around our house. We are getting ready for the baby to come and the weeks are just flying by now. Every night there is a new situation brewing with these two, whether they are jumping into boxes strewn across the living room, getting caught in the crib springs, hiding out in the bookcase… Or apparently getting a snooze in where ever they land.

I am having a hard time looking at this picture without bursting out in to full fledged laughter. Seriously, who sleeps like this? Apparently my little baby boy Sylvester does. Face all smashed into the wall, next to the toilet mind you. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it but I think I might be.


Otis on the other hand has a more reasonable approach to sleeping. Always right on top of the headboard, facing the window, dreaming the day away.



Gotta love these two maniacs! Never a dull moment with these two running a muck at the team Caspardo house!

*Kelly, Baby, Otis & Sylvester!


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