Thanksgiving: Our First Friendsgiving…

I know it was almost a month ago, but I wanted to share what we did for Thanksgiving this year! The holidays are always a little bit wacky for me. Lots of emotions and feelings are brought to the surface, reflecting upon old traditions, and creating new ones. This year was a little bit different for us, we decided to meet up with some of our favorite friends for turkey day! We had our very first “Friends-giving” feast this year at Sean & Amanda’s. thanksgiving_12_01

The tablescape was set up for our version of fine dining. It looked lovely with Amanda’s wedding china and the daises. We each made some yummy things to share for the feast.



For starters, we had hummus and mixed veggies for dipping. A nice healthy alternative to all of the bread and chip options.

thanksgiving_12_03 thanksgiving_12_04

Sean was busy tending to the meat on the bbq. He made a lamb roast for our main course, which was cooked perfectly. It was very tender and moist, perfect on the inside and out. Very flavorful and quite delicious.


For side dishes we had pumpkin corn bread, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry nut stuffing, green bean & mushroom casserole, with artichoke & cheesy scalloped potatoes. Each side was so rich and flavorful. We went back for seconds on everything because it was all so good.

thanksgiving_12_06 thanksgiving_12_07 thanksgiving_12_08 thanksgiving_12_09

Here is my first round plate with all I could fit on it. We had so much food for the 4 of us, we had to take some extras home, which were eaten for a few days after! Not complaining here though because it was all so tasty.


No champagne for the pregnant girls, so we sipped on some sparking cider.



For dessert, I made some pumpkin whoopie pies that I found a recipe for on one of my favorite blogs. It was so easy to make from scratch and they tasted amazing. The filling was made from scratch too using a lot of powdered sugar and marshmallow creme.

I just can’t wait until next year for our second annual Friends-giving. Whether we partake in it on turkey day or not, it doesn’t matter. We have started a tradition! Next year we will both be able to share it with out lovely little baby girls. Sharing the holidays with friends that you consider your family is such a great blessing for me and Domenic, we love knowing that we can be a part of other people’s families when ours is so small.



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