This is the simple version of all about me…

This is TEAM CASPARDO aka Kelly & Domenic… Before we got married, I joked that we should combine our last names, Casper & Lombardo together to make Caspardo. When we got married we settled on Lombardo for me, but all of our friends call us the Caspardo’s!!! I really think it has a ring to it, don’t you?

I am also a CAT mommy! These two furrrrrballs are my favorite things in the whole wide world. Otis & Sylvester make life in the Caspardo house very entertaining. They spend their lazy days eating, sleeping, chasing each other, and trying to get into just about everything. Otis is the mean big brother with a grouchy attitude and an appetite for destruction. The baby, Sylvester, is the care-free, loving guy always wanting to purr and cuddle. 

I am also a world traveler! I’ve been to quite a few places over the years and I’m not stopping yet. When Dom and I met, I could barely get him out of the house, now we try to jet set as much as possible. Some of our favorite countries that we have visited together are, England, France, & Thailand. Some of our favorite cities include, New York, Boston, Paris, London, & San Francisco. 

I am also an Auntie! My favorite person in the world besides Dom (of course) is my BFF Weston. He belongs to my adult BFF Kelly and her hubby Ray. We have been friends since high school and spend a lot of time together. When I got laid off in 2010 from work, I decided to nanny for Kel and Ray and watch Weston full time. Let me just say that it was the most fun and rewarding job that I’ve ever had. Love that kid to pieces. 

I finally landed my dream job. I’m a PHOTOGRAPHER! I am a professional photographer by day, night, weekend, holiday, etc. I have always loved taking pictures and creating art. When I got laid off from work in 2010 from teaching, I decided to nanny full time and work hard to start my own photography business. After a lot of hard work and dedication I launched Kelly Lombardo Photography in 2012. Please feel free to check me out! I specialize in creating divine moments in the lives of women, families, children, and lovers. 

Thank you for getting to know me and for following my blog! GO TEAM CASPARDO!



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