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My birth story…and it didn’t go as planned

Whooooooo, it has been a long and somewhat exhausting 3 months. Yes, that’s right, 3 months!!! Our precious baby girl, Francesca Elizabeth Lombardo arrived 3 months ago, on March 5th, 2013 at 10:37 pm. She weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds and 10 ounces, and was 18.5 inches long. It was truly the most memorable day of my life and I will never forget the feeling of seeing her for the first time and holding her in my arms.

It was an emotional roller coaster of a day to say the least. Nothing went as I had hoped or planned. I was reminded, yet again the rules about life from this experience. Life is like that you know, you just can’t always plan for what you want to happen. Even when you do,  life throws you curve balls left and right. You become set on an outcome but life lets you know that there is always another way, the way that is meant for you. Looking back, I would not have changed a thing. We got what we wanted, a healthy baby girl!

birth_01 birth_02 birth_03 birth_04 birth_05 birth_06 birth_07

Here is how it all went down…

I had my regular doctors appointment scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th, 3 days over my due date. Dom and I went to the doctor’s appointment in the morning as scheduled to check my progress. I had been having some irregular contractions for the past day, timing anywhere between 6-12 minutes apart. At the appointment my doctor checked me out and informed me that I was dilated 3cm. It was good news. He sent us over to the hospital to get hooked up to the monitors for a half an hour and then walk the hospital for an hour.

At the hospital we did just that. The hardest part was the walking, I was feeling so heavy and the baby was feeling so low at this point. The walking helped move me along to 4cm though in just an hour. My contractions were still irregular but they were certainly there. My doctor decided to admit me to the hospital around 2pm. Shortly after I was admitted, my doctor broke my water to help assist with the labor. As soon as my water was broken, I was at 5cm. Around 4pm my contractions were still irregular so my doctor decided to put me on pitocin to help induce the labor. For a while this helped move me along to 6cm dilated in just 2 hours. I was starting to feel the contractions more intensely as the drug kicked in. The pain was lingering in my lower back and I was having a very hard time relaxing. My contractions were becoming more intense every time but they were not following any pattern, they were still irregular. At 6:30pm I decided to get an epidural to ease the pain that I was having. Great decision! I could finally relax and stop clenching all of my muscles.

Once the epidural established, my contractions died down and my doctor became concerned about the baby. They put internal monitors on me to better read the baby’s heartbeat. It was frightening watching the monitor. Each time I had a strong contraction, her heartbeat would dip very low. Over the course of the next 2 hours I was monitored very closely and my labor wasn’t progressing. It was actually slowing down. My contractions were very intense but I was still only at an 8cm. At one point every nurse and doctor came flying into our room. They had to give me a shot to stop the contractions because the baby was in distress. That was a very scary moment…

A c-section was recommended at this point. I was very upset! I thought I had failed. I was so set on having a natural delivery that my emotions were clouding my judgement and I was putting off having a c-section and doing the right thing. After some quick discussion with my nerve wracked husband, I was convinced that a c-section was necessary for the safety of the baby. I was an emotional wreck as they prepped the OR and while they wheeled me down for surgery. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was so focused on the negatives in that moment and I was being so selfish.

Once we were in the OR I realized that the health and safety of our little girl was what mattered the most, not my pride. I couldn’t believe I was so foolish to be thinking that way. The surgery was quick. She was literally out in no time. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and was the reason she was in distress.

As soon as she was free, the doctor held her up and said, “it’s a girl”. All I could see through my tears of joy was a mound of black hair. Just like mommy, I thought! My husband was able to watch them pull her out of me and cut the umbilical cord. He went over with the nurses to check her out and watch her be cleaned, weighed, and wrapped up.

As soon as they could, they handed her to me. It was love at first sight! That moment when you see what you have created is indescribable. I was sobbing all over again! It was such an emotional moment. I knew then that nothing else mattered, we were a family now.



My Pregnancy: The Full 40 Weeks

It’s been a couple of months since my last post…

Phew…Well, here you have it. A quick recap of my growing belly during my pregnancy. I made it the full 40 weeks before our precious baby girl was born on March 5th, just 3 days late. I can’t believe that when I was 21 weeks, I thought I was so big already. That bump was nothing compared to the way it bulged out toward the end.

I will admit to feeling great for most of the pregnancy though. I credit that to attending pilates 5 times a week up until week 38 when it was just embarrassing to go to classes. I would show up each week and have my workouts modified for me by the best instructors in the business. I felt so thankful that pilates kept my weight in check and me feeling great and energized.






I was so over it by the end and couldn’t believe that I actually was pregnant the whole time. I never thought that I would last 40 weeks being pregnant. Heck, I never thought I would actually be pregnant!

In the end, I had the worst edema ever and was super bloated in my hands and feet for 3 weeks before the delivery. Thank GOD it was winter time or I would have literally died. I never thought I would see my feet and or ankle bones again. I did eventually!

Overall, I actually loved being pregnant! I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved feeling my little one kick me, even in the middle of the night. It was fun to watch my body grow (a human) and change to prepare for the baby. It was fun to pig out on sweets and blame it on all the hormones too.

Up next…the birth story! It was so not what I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The best part about it is that we are enjoying every minute with our newest family member. You will get to meet her soon!

A Baby Shower

I had my baby shower a couple of weekends ago. It was hosted by the BFF, she really went all out for this one. She turned her home into an Alice In Wonderland inspired vintage tea party. Every detail was well thought out and executed perfectly. I can’t say enough about the ladies in attendance and the generosity of their gifts and wise wisdom. shower_01 shower_02 shower_03 shower_04

Seriously, how gorgeous is the tablescape? I just loved the napkin bows, flowers, vintage clocks & doilies on the table. There were about 10-12 different types of tea to choose from and warm scones served before lunch.

For lunch we had 3 different types of salad, and 4 different types of tea sandwiches. The desert bar was complete with chocolate covered strawberries, dipped marshmallows, & cupcakes.

shower_05 shower_06 shower_07 shower_08

One of my favorite activities from the shower was the “make a onesie or bib” station. Everyone who painted an item for me was very creative. I can’t wait to share with you how great they all came out.

shower_09 shower_10 shower_11

Here are just a few more detail shots from the party! I just loved the gold painted mason jars used for the flower vases and the quotes from Alice In Wonderland around the room.

shower_12 shower_13 shower_14

As a parting gift, all the ladies were given a shade of pink nail polish.


Here is a picture of me sporting the pearls that I lost during the first minute of being at the shower for saying the word “baby”. I always lose that game, this time I just couldn’t help it, obviously! Most everyone came with their tea hats too! I borrowed mine from Miss Terrie who pretty much has everything you would ever need in life! A lot of the decorations came from her home. On the right is a copy of the invitation that I made for the shower. I honed in on my previous graphic design skills and created these custom invitations.



Thanks again to Kelly B. for hosting! It was definitely a day to remember. I just enjoyed every minute with my friends and family who came. We are so thankful to all of you and can’t wait for baby girl to arrive soon!


31 Weeks Pregnant

This pregnancy is flying by…,

I can’t believe it is already 2013! This year will bring many exciting adventures to the Team Caspardo household. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little bundle of joy, due to arrive in 9 more weeks. Domenic and I are so excited to finally meet her and we just can’t wait to have her in our lives.

At 31 weeks pregnant I can assure you that even though I feel great most of the day, I still have some minor pregnancy symptoms. Mostly, overeating of sweets (tis the season). I guess the holidays are a great time to be pregnant. All in all I have had a fairly normal pregnancy with some minor aches and pains, nothing too serious. A few weeks back I had my gallbladder checked out due to some pain that I was having on my right ribcage. Apparently everything looked great on the ultrasound and I have no infection or stones on my gallbladder. The pain has minimized and I am still going to the gym regularly. Sleeping through the night is a luxury now and I can’t even remember what that feels like. I wake up a million times a night with my arm or hip going numb. Then there is the 2 times a night bathroom break. I guess I’m gearing up for all of the late night feedings and crying. Thank God for naps!!!

This past week we went with some friends up to San Francisco for a quick visit. Below is a picture of my gal pal Amanda and me. We are both expecting baby girls, due the same weekend. I think I’m looking quite a bit bigger around then she is…


We had a fun few days in the city and visited some new places. We strolled through Golden Gate Park one morning. The weather was chilly but the sun was shining bright! We ate at a charming cafe on Haight Street near Ashbury called Squat and Gobble. Later in the day we made it to Ocean Beach and walked around the bluffs to snap this picture. After our “hike”, the two pregnant gals needed a recharge so we headed to Mitchell’s Ice Cream Parlor for a sweet treat.

My favorite new experience on the trip was eating our last fancy dinner before the baby comes. Sean and Amanda treated us to dinner at Prospect Restaurant, which is the sister restaurant to Boulevard. The creator is a female chef by the name of Nancy Oakes. The food is super fresh, found from local farms and inspiring. The first courses are on the small side, but the flavors are decadent and Earthy. All the main courses are worth the price, portion size. They are extremely rich and flavorful, cooked to perfection, and leave a lasting impression. I was especially fond of the atmosphere of the restaurant and the design quality. I will be going back here some day!

Overall, we had a blast in my most favorite of all cities in the world.


We Voted!

Tuesday was a pretty important day around here! Not just for me, but for the whole country.

I had a looooong to do list in front of me, editing photos, an online workshop, pilates, cooking dinner, laundry, and most important of all VOTING! I made sure that I carved out the time in my busy day to get to my polling place to vote. I consider it to be a great American privilege to vote for the candidates that we believe in to lead us through these hard times.

This year it was a bit different for me, so many new things to think about when you are a pregnant voter. I had to think long and hard about how these ballot measures could impact my growing family. I had to do more research on the candidates running in my area to make sure that I felt that they were right to lead my city. Throughout this process, I realized that it wasn’t just about me anymore, I had to think about the future for my child, my husband, and us as a family.


I know it is a corny picture of me in the bathroom again but here we are after we voted! I say we because I had a passenger this time a long for the ride. Congrats to baby Lombardo on her first journey to the polls. Even though she didn’t have a say in the matter, she kicked her way through it.


Boy? Girl? The verdict is…

We have just announced the sex of the baby… But first I’d like to tell you the story behind why we decided to find out what we are having. I really wanted to keep the sex of the baby a surprise and not find out until it arrived head first into this crazy world. I still believe that it is the only true surprise that you have in life. I mean, you can’t very well see through your skin unless you are a super hero. The thought of the ultimate surprise enticed me, how cool would it be to wait 9 whole months (forever in pregnancy months) and then bam your whole life changes and you have a cute little boy or girl.

You know who doesn’t think it’s cool, my husband. Domenic doesn’t like to be kept in the dark about anything…especially when it directly involves him. He is a planer, a thinker, a worrier, a stress case, a planner, a list maker, a planner and a, OH did I mention a planner? Yes, he really, really, really, really, wanted to know the sex of the baby and thought it would be the biggest punishment of our lives if we didn’t know if it was a he or a she before it arrived. “Can’t you just let me have this one thing?” he complained! So being the nice wife that I am, I caved and we found out the sex, even though I didn’t want to…

So instead of surprising ourselves in 4 more months, we decided to surprise our friends with the sex of the baby by making a gender reveal cake. We all know that’s what our friends and family really wanted right, a cake, to celebrate our unborn baby’s gender. Fun, but a little cheesy.

My BFF and I, more like I made a double layer cake with said baby sex color frosting inside. Here is the cake at the party. I made 2 boxes of yellow cake and stacked them together between a bed of frosting. I had rolled and hand dyed the fondant pink and blue and cut out the circles to decorate the outside of the cake.

The cake was cut during a birthday party for my mother in law’s 60th birthday, which she thought was for her, but that’s a whole other story.  

YAY! ITS A GIRL!!! Phew, I have secrets! Now everyone knows what we are having. Feel free to shop accordingly. PS, this isn’t my baby, just a friend’s baby who loved eating the pink frosting in the cake.


I’m Pregnant! 21 weeks and counting…

So, BIG NEWS around the Caspardo house, I’m pregnant!!! We decided to pull the goalie and practice making a baby in May, after we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We both thought that it would take a while for us to get pregnant but apparently I am super fertile. We literally conceived the minute the goalie made way for the bench much to our shock and surprise!

At first I didn’t realize that I was even pregnant because things down there were carrying on as usual. I even took a home pregnancy test just to be sure and it came back negative. A few weeks later I started feeling tired, irritable, and nauseous. I wasn’t suspicious because I was due for my monthly dose of mother nature’s blessing. When the blessing from mother nature didn’t arrive the next day, I took another test and there it was…2 lines…pregnant. When we went to the doctor for the first time, the ultrasound confirmed that my earlier symptoms were signs that I was pregnant when I believed that I wasn’t. My doctor confirmed that I wasn’t just 7 weeks along, I was actually 10 weeks along. YAY! We are going to have a baby…Yikes…are we even ready?

I am now 21 weeks pregnant and all is going well, so far, so good. We just found out the sex of the baby. So, stay tuned for that.