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31 Weeks Pregnant

This pregnancy is flying by…,

I can’t believe it is already 2013! This year will bring many exciting adventures to the Team Caspardo household. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little bundle of joy, due to arrive in 9 more weeks. Domenic and I are so excited to finally meet her and we just can’t wait to have her in our lives.

At 31 weeks pregnant I can assure you that even though I feel great most of the day, I still have some minor pregnancy symptoms. Mostly, overeating of sweets (tis the season). I guess the holidays are a great time to be pregnant. All in all I have had a fairly normal pregnancy with some minor aches and pains, nothing too serious. A few weeks back I had my gallbladder checked out due to some pain that I was having on my right ribcage. Apparently everything looked great on the ultrasound and I have no infection or stones on my gallbladder. The pain has minimized and I am still going to the gym regularly. Sleeping through the night is a luxury now and I can’t even remember what that feels like. I wake up a million times a night with my arm or hip going numb. Then there is the 2 times a night bathroom break. I guess I’m gearing up for all of the late night feedings and crying. Thank God for naps!!!

This past week we went with some friends up to San Francisco for a quick visit. Below is a picture of my gal pal Amanda and me. We are both expecting baby girls, due the same weekend. I think I’m looking quite a bit bigger around then she is…


We had a fun few days in the city and visited some new places. We strolled through Golden Gate Park one morning. The weather was chilly but the sun was shining bright! We ate at a charming cafe on Haight Street near Ashbury called Squat and Gobble. Later in the day we made it to Ocean Beach and walked around the bluffs to snap this picture. After our “hike”, the two pregnant gals needed a recharge so we headed to Mitchell’s Ice Cream Parlor for a sweet treat.

My favorite new experience on the trip was eating our last fancy dinner before the baby comes. Sean and Amanda treated us to dinner at Prospect Restaurant, which is the sister restaurant to Boulevard. The creator is a female chef by the name of Nancy Oakes. The food is super fresh, found from local farms and inspiring. The first courses are on the small side, but the flavors are decadent and Earthy. All the main courses are worth the price, portion size. They are extremely rich and flavorful, cooked to perfection, and leave a lasting impression. I was especially fond of the atmosphere of the restaurant and the design quality. I will be going back here some day!

Overall, we had a blast in my most favorite of all cities in the world.



Hawaii Vacation: The Resort

Things have been crazy busy since we got home from our trip last month. We have been in baby prep mode and work mania since Hawaii.

Anyway, we had an amazing vacation at an amazing resort and I just wanted to share our experience will you all. We brought Dom’s parents along for the week long trip to Ko Olina, which is on the West Coast of Oahu. We stayed at the Marriott Vacation Club and enjoyed each and every minute. Here is a brief overview of the resort. resort_01

The villas sit at the end of a row of coves on the south west side of Oahu. The Marriott is 2 coves away from the Disney Resort, Aulani. Each resort has their own private cove that you can swim in.resort_04

Domenic pretty much lived in the cove whenever we were hanging out at the resort. As you can see, the water is beautiful and clear. We had many warm, relaxing days on the sand looking out onto the ocean.






The resort had many great features including a general store, koi fish ponds, bbq’s, 3 pools, a fitness center, spa services, 2 restaurants, shaved ice, and a luau. We took advantage of eating at Longboards restaurant a few times. The pulled pork and fish dishes were amazing! Apparently the mai tai’s were great too, guess I’ll find out next year!



We had perfect weather throughout our trip, except on the last day when it rained a little bit on and off as it typically does in Hawaii. We really enjoyed the resort and all of the amenities that it had to offer. It is a great place to take children of any age, there are a lot of activities for children and adults that are provided by the resort daily. They do painting, lei making, snorkeling, hula lessons, and other fun activities. Next year we will be going back and taking baby “Caspardo” with us.

Stay tuned for Pearl Harbor and North Shore posts, coming soon.



Back from Oahu…

We are back from our wonderful vacation to the islands. Domenic and I had a relaxing trip in Oahu, Hawaii. We stayed at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club Resort for 7 nights and enjoyed each and every minute of our time there. We are so pleased that we agreed to keep the time share from my mom. We know how much she loved it and we are so happy to be able to call it home for a week each year. Thanks mom!!! You are truly missed and in our hearts today and everyday. Now we understand why you loved it so much and went there 4 weeks a year.


More to come from our adventures in Oahu in the coming days. For now, enjoy this beautiful hibiscus flower!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Our bags are packed…

Yay! It is finally vacation time for me and Domenic. We are flying off to Oahu, Hawaii, tomorrow morning bright and early to stay at the Marriott Ko Olina Resort & Spa. Our “baby moon” is sure to be nice and relaxing. Domenic hasn’t had a vacation anywhere since before he started his new job in March.


We are flying non-stop to Hawaii for a week of well deserved rest and relaxation. It will be our first time of many staying at the Marriott Ko Olina beach property that we inherited from my mom. All of the transfers and deed changes have gone through and we are now the proud owners of one week of paradise each year on Oahu!!!


Our bags are officially packed and we are ready to jet off to the islands. We are going to visit Pearl Harbor, Hanama Bay, and the Dole Plantation on this trip. We may go to a Luau at the end of the week to end our vacation with a bang. We will buy the little one something special too, a Hawaiian dress, or a bathing suit perhaps, mini flip flops…Who knows?