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My birth story…and it didn’t go as planned

Whooooooo, it has been a long and somewhat exhausting 3 months. Yes, that’s right, 3 months!!! Our precious baby girl, Francesca Elizabeth Lombardo arrived 3 months ago, on March 5th, 2013 at 10:37 pm. She weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds and 10 ounces, and was 18.5 inches long. It was truly the most memorable day of my life and I will never forget the feeling of seeing her for the first time and holding her in my arms.

It was an emotional roller coaster of a day to say the least. Nothing went as I had hoped or planned. I was reminded, yet again the rules about life from this experience. Life is like that you know, you just can’t always plan for what you want to happen. Even when you do, ┬álife throws you curve balls left and right. You become set on an outcome but life lets you know that there is always another way, the way that is meant for you. Looking back, I would not have changed a thing. We got what we wanted, a healthy baby girl!

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Here is how it all went down…

I had my regular doctors appointment scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th, 3 days over my due date. Dom and I went to the doctor’s appointment in the morning as scheduled to check my progress. I had been having some irregular contractions for the past day, timing anywhere between 6-12 minutes apart. At the appointment my doctor checked me out and informed me that I was dilated 3cm. It was good news. He sent us over to the hospital to get hooked up to the monitors for a half an hour and then walk the hospital for an hour.

At the hospital we did just that. The hardest part was the walking, I was feeling so heavy and the baby was feeling so low at this point. The walking helped move me along to 4cm though in just an hour. My contractions were still irregular but they were certainly there. My doctor decided to admit me to the hospital around 2pm. Shortly after I was admitted, my doctor broke my water to help assist with the labor. As soon as my water was broken, I was at 5cm. Around 4pm my contractions were still irregular so my doctor decided to put me on pitocin to help induce the labor. For a while this helped move me along to 6cm dilated in just 2 hours. I was starting to feel the contractions more intensely as the drug kicked in. The pain was lingering in my lower back and I was having a very hard time relaxing. My contractions were becoming more intense every time but they were not following any pattern, they were still irregular. At 6:30pm I decided to get an epidural to ease the pain that I was having. Great decision! I could finally relax and stop clenching all of my muscles.

Once the epidural established, my contractions died down and my doctor became concerned about the baby. They put internal monitors on me to better read the baby’s heartbeat. It was frightening watching the monitor. Each time I had a strong contraction, her heartbeat would dip very low. Over the course of the next 2 hours I was monitored very closely and my labor wasn’t progressing. It was actually slowing down. My contractions were very intense but I was still only at an 8cm. At one point every nurse and doctor came flying into our room. They had to give me a shot to stop the contractions because the baby was in distress. That was a very scary moment…

A c-section was recommended at this point. I was very upset! I thought I had failed. I was so set on having a natural delivery that my emotions were clouding my judgement and I was putting off having a c-section and doing the right thing. After some quick discussion with my nerve wracked husband, I was convinced that a c-section was necessary for the safety of the baby. I was an emotional wreck as they prepped the OR and while they wheeled me down for surgery. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was so focused on the negatives in that moment and I was being so selfish.

Once we were in the OR I realized that the health and safety of our little girl was what mattered the most, not my pride. I couldn’t believe I was so foolish to be thinking that way. The surgery was quick. She was literally out in no time. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and was the reason she was in distress.

As soon as she was free, the doctor held her up and said, “it’s a girl”. All I could see through my tears of joy was a mound of black hair. Just like mommy, I thought! My husband was able to watch them pull her out of me and cut the umbilical cord. He went over with the nurses to check her out and watch her be cleaned, weighed, and wrapped up.

As soon as they could, they handed her to me. It was love at first sight! That moment when you see what you have created is indescribable. I was sobbing all over again! It was such an emotional moment. I knew then that nothing else mattered, we were a family now.