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A Baby Shower

I had my baby shower a couple of weekends ago. It was hosted by the BFF, she really went all out for this one. She turned her home into an Alice In Wonderland inspired vintage tea party. Every detail was well thought out and executed perfectly. I can’t say enough about the ladies in attendance and the generosity of their gifts and wise wisdom. shower_01 shower_02 shower_03 shower_04

Seriously, how gorgeous is the tablescape? I just loved the napkin bows, flowers, vintage clocks & doilies on the table. There were about 10-12 different types of tea to choose from and warm scones served before lunch.

For lunch we had 3 different types of salad, and 4 different types of tea sandwiches. The desert bar was complete with chocolate covered strawberries, dipped marshmallows, & cupcakes.

shower_05 shower_06 shower_07 shower_08

One of my favorite activities from the shower was the “make a onesie or bib” station. Everyone who painted an item for me was very creative. I can’t wait to share with you how great they all came out.

shower_09 shower_10 shower_11

Here are just a few more detail shots from the party! I just loved the gold painted mason jars used for the flower vases and the quotes from Alice In Wonderland around the room.

shower_12 shower_13 shower_14

As a parting gift, all the ladies were given a shade of pink nail polish.


Here is a picture of me sporting the pearls that I lost during the first minute of being at the shower for saying the word “baby”. I always lose that game, this time I just couldn’t help it, obviously! Most everyone came with their tea hats too! I borrowed mine from Miss Terrie who pretty much has everything you would ever need in life! A lot of the decorations came from her home. On the right is a copy of the invitation that I made for the shower. I honed in on my previous graphic design skills and created these custom invitations.



Thanks again to Kelly B. for hosting! It was definitely a day to remember. I just enjoyed every minute with my friends and family who came. We are so thankful to all of you and can’t wait for baby girl to arrive soon!